The Rivington School or Wat
Tovey Halleck

From the book Rivington School or Wat by Amr G. Shaker:

'Despite the orderly and the clearly sequential geometric elements that constitute Tovey Halleck’s sculptures, one can readily distinguish some powerful outsider associations which differentiate them from every sculptural stereotype. These sculptures which are made out of metal bars (rails, beams, etc…) are sawed systematically before shaping and soldering, thus suggesting an interesting sense of space, movement, and force. These sculptures, which like lost caterpillars, seem to be in a constant search for a hard to find state of rest and peace, manage to alienate but also to charm the viewer through their bewildered sense of movement.

Whether introvertly elated, or simply resulting from a structural research, Halleck’s sculptures appear to grow as timeless and lively- although totally abstract- monuments against the too easy, the too common, and the too commercial.'


Tovey Sculpture 1
Tovey Sculpture 2
Tovey Sculpture 3
Tovey Sculpture 4
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