The Rivington School or Wat
Anne Jepsen

From the book Rivington School or Wat by Amr G. Shaker:

'Although she has not physically participated in the events and happenings of the Rivington School, the Danish-born Anne Jepsen has exhibited her work extensively with its artists since the earlier days of No Se No. Also, she admits having often been “there”, enjoying the company of its artists, and getting the “feel” of it all.

Jepsen’s paintings are extremely varied in subject, and yet they remain characteristic of a personal and spontaneous brushstroke, as she frequently paints the Lower East Side of Manhattan, its people and its scenes in an impulsive manner. Jepsen works quickly in order to capture the immediacy of an instant, and to do justice to its true essence, rather than sinking into a narrative or psychological working and reworking of the subject and the form. In turn, this “honest” approach towards her subject is given an all the more reinforced power by her frequent and intuitive use of yellow (an acrid but also bright color), which purposely leaves the viewer with an interestingly open and even ambivalent possibility of interpretation.'


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