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Peter Hauenschild and Georg Ritter

From the book "Hauenschild Ritter", published in 2005, an excerpt of an essay by Konrad Oberhuber:

..."Peter Hauenschild and Georg Ritter, who together have been generating wall-sized drawings on many combined sheets of paper since 1989, intentionally counter this ideal of the most personal expression in their striving for objectivity. They intentionally model external representations on such things as landscapes, crowds of people or interiors with complex furnishings, or excavation pits, workplaces or workshops, representations, which in and of themselves suggest the transpersonal and are the result of the effects of many people or circumstances. Through their joint concentration on one such object they attempt to overcome the renowned romantic experience of the Tivoli fountains in Rome, where in their graphic efforts to capture the same perspective, the artists' own individual perspectives were clearly apparent."...

From the book, "Hauenschild Ritter"
From the book "Hauenschild Ritter"
From the book "Hauenschild Ritter"
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