The Rivington School or Wat
Freddie the Dreamer

From the book Rivington School or Wat by Amr G. Shaker:

'Following those whom he thought of as being the best artists in New York is what drew the artist Fred Bertucci to the Rivington School. There, he opened a gallery by the name of Freddy the Dreamer, which together with No Se No and Nada Gallery provided the artists of the Rivington School with an outlet to the world. Unfortunately, because of a lack of funds and probably also recognition, none of those three establishments survive to this day.

Luckily, this dilemma was not enough to stop the artists’ work, including Bertucci’s illusionistic still-lives which through the originality of their perception, and the excellence of their execution cleverly deny any possibly preconceived Rivington stereotype. In fact, through their formal beauty, these bright colored and luminous images, manage to glorify the secular elements they depict to the degree of worship, as they redefine the still-life into a whole new aesthetic experience.'

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